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Top 10 Scary Videos of WEIRD THINGS Caught on Camera to Scare You!

Published on 26 Nov 2021 / In Other

The scary videos on this creepy top 10 list have caught weird things on camera, strange things to scare you like a creepy stranger encounter with very scary people, shadow figure sightings at abandoned hotels said to be haunted, ghost sightings at paranormal explorations in the cemetery, creepy doorbell footage, strange and creepy sounds caught on camera in the sky at 3AM, and other really weird videos of strange things to keep you creeped out!

10) Retro Specter Entertainment: ("Ghost Caught On Video Real - Cabinet Door Opens By Itself - Poltergeist") https://youtu.be/cQKhoJ7f7-M
9) WYNT NewsChannel 13: ("Ghost sighting during cemetery live shot?") https://youtu.be/G-dXUCOkKYA
8) Darkseid Mike: ("Shadow person captured on photo!!!") https://youtu.be/o2bVNdZ7Mv4
7) T Mc: ("Tree almost falls on car, Opelika, Al, May 26, 2019") https://youtu.be/UOiVF1C3Wnc
6) David Meni: ("Strange noise in the sky at 3am? Hacienda Heights, California 9/21/21") https://youtu.be/fAbaKLa4hEY
5) CURBLIFE: ("my coworker caught a spirit/ghost on her ring camera (creepy 🤯🤯🤯)") https://youtu.be/JrkFgTjOZOk
4) East Coast Ghost Investigation: (" says my name at 00:58 - Our first ghost box app session as East Coast Ghost Investigation") https://youtu.be/rL1ORgRJ35c
3) LisaSurayify: ("Real life Tree Walking") https://youtu.be/kZZ5wbLLoOw
2) Dances With Werewolves: ("Ghost caught on my Ring doorbell camera!!") https://youtu.be/wqeNoRUcfpc
1) Alexis Ainsley: ("crazy lady driving I-80") https://youtu.be/MzpG_YqbkPY

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Produced by BillNose: https://bit.ly/3fQTJoE
Narrated by Ty Notts: http://bit.ly/ty_notts
Music by Noiseplug: https://bit.ly/3hqOJYO

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