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Published on 04 Jul 2021 / In Cryptocurrency

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SAFEMOON News today. In this video we will show you what all the smarties pants are doing during this BITCOIN crash, also I got you with a Safemoon price prediction.

Safemoon news update today has CEO giving us lots of updates. The market is crashing a little bit. However the BITCOIN and the Safemoon price chart is up and thriving right now (like a majestic bald eagle epically soaring to new heights, after being set free from the chains of FUD blockchain captivity). Safemoon binance spoke about and safemoon blockchain announced! Safemoon Ama and safemoon twitter have been blowing up. Also Safemoon news updates. Safemoon today is about whale watching is wild, the whales have sold off a ton of their coins, and in bitcoin news today the greatest investor of all time is telling people how much the risk of bitcoin is. One greatest risk in bitcoin and crypto is FUD. We will dive into the safemoon price prediction, and safemoon price chart as well as the bitcoin and BTC price chart and prediction in order to bring you everything happening in the cryptocurrency world today.

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